We create unique digital experiences to tell your story through remarkable websites, apps, branding, and designs that delight.

Intelligent brand strategy

During discovery we define specific goals + objectives and develop a brand strategy which drives all designs including logo, colors, type – the whole package.

Beautiful websites and experiences

Creativity lives at the core of our work. We design, develop, and deliver engaging experiences that delight audiences, drive conversions, and crush initial goals.

Smart, Intuitive Web Applications

Deep User Experience Design ensures the applications we develop are intuitive and useful for users while being scalable and trackable for you.




The first step for any client is an initial consultation. If your goals and problems are clear, we can usually provide a proposal. BUT 9 times out of 10, goals aren’t clear enough for a proposal right off the bat. We know you’re probably trying to compare a few different companies, mostly based on price and skill level. Unfortunately, there’s just no way for us to know what the most valuable deliverable is until we dig a little deeper into defining your goals, objectives, and any other pertinent information. We never want to guess at what your company or organization might need. We want to do our due diligence and get you a proposal for something that will ultimately provide the highest value to you and your audience.

_ Identify Business Goals and Objectives
_ Review Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
_ Discuss Personas for Audience Mentalities
_ Research any Competition


Once we’ve clearly defined your organization’s goals, objectives, and audience, we research and develop personas. In order to fully understand how to get users to reach a goal, we employ user experience design (or UX design). UX design is a broad, juxtaposition of art and science that treats audiences as active participants in a brand’s ecosystem. We map out mentalities of key audiences, put ourselves in their shoes, and think through what steps need to be taken to convert, contact, buy, sign up, etc. This helps to architect the site, tool, or experience we’re building. The final strategic step is to brew a fresh pot of coffee and start building low fidelity wireframes, usually somewhere on our 800+ square feet of whiteboards covering the office.

_ Concisely Build Out Personas
_ Lay Out UX Journey Mapping
_ Sketch Low Fidelity Wireframes
_ Present Strategic Findings, UX, and Wires


Now that we have a whiteboard fully of slightly unintelligable handwriting and lines constructing our UX journey maps and wireframes, our designers can jump back on the computer and mock up higher fidelity wireframes, usually in Sketch. Every single design decision from this point on is made based on the foundation defined by the strategic UX work. Why did we pick that font, color, alignment, layout, framework, etc? It’s the best decision to get your users to where you want them to go next. After high fidelity wires, we jump into visual designs, creating an aesthetic representation of the content and story. These designs are then presented for signoff before transitioning the project to the development team.

_ Build High Fidelity Wireframes
_ Define Concept Scaffolding for All Templates
_ Design Initial Layouts
_ Design and Present Final Layouts


VBTK’s team of developers work collaboratively with the designers to bring your designs to life. We build everything responsively, meaning it will look and work great on any device – mobile phones, tablet, and desktop computers. We use the latest dev techniques, internally developed responsive code patterns, existing frameworks, and a just enough dark magic to deliver high quality front end development.

_ Review all Functionality and Specs with Design Team
_ Create a Datamap for Top Level Front End Development
_ Build Out Backend Functionality
_ Setup a Staging Environment for Client Review


Depending on your situation, you’ll probably need our help setting up the environment where your digital asset will live after the development is finalized. Whether its transferring a website to an in-house server, finding a domain for a new brand, or working on-site to install a digital experience, we can handle it.

_ Client Training and Review
_ Quality Assurance and Cross-Browser Testing
_ Hosting Setup and Asset Launch


With a website, we offer 30 days of support after launch to make sure and bugs or questions are taken care of. There’s always that one guy who opens the site in a version of Internet Explorer from 1999 who thinks the site is broken. We’ll work with you to make sure your new site is always looking beautiful, in every browser (or delicately tell you to think about upgrading your browser…). With tools, there is usually ongoing support and changes that continue, especially as you begin to use it and realize other capacities it could expand to include. We’re more than happy to draw up an ongoing agreement to continue iterating and building with you. In fact, most of our clients become long-term partners, engaging us on multiple projects – because we get to know your organization so well during our discovery and strategy phases, it’s easy for us to plug in and help solve problems with you down the road.

_ Continued Quality Assurance Testing
_ Answering the Phone for All of Your Questions