• How2Recycle
  • CleanGredients
  • Forest Products Working Group (FPWG)
  • Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT)

Services Employed:

  • Analytics
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Platform
  • User Engagement
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GreenBlue is a nonprofit organization focused on environmental sustainability with regard to the use of materials in society. Vibethink partnered with GreenBlue in a myriad of ways, building websites and branding campaigns for specific initiatives that come out of the parent company, like Forest Products Working Group (FPWG) and How2Recycle, and developing tools to help streamline processes for  other initiatives, namely CleanGredients and the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT).




H2R is a standardized labeling system that communicates recycling instructions to the public. The H2R team needed a new website designed to help promote their labels and get companies to sign up as well as a tool to guide companies once they've signed up and need to request labels for their packaging.
Website: Craft CMS
Label Request System: Laravel


CG had outgrown its current system so we rebuilt a scalable application to handle their data, creating an intuitive workflow for their audience. We are also working with the CG team to build an invoicing system to help automate processes that are straining their current work capacity. The system will eventually run invoicing for all GreenBlue initiatives.
Database: Laravel with MySQL Database
Invoicing: Laravel with BrainTree Integration

Forest Products Working Group (FPWG)

The FPWG focuses on bringing together companies reliant on wood, paper, and other forest products to collaborate, sharing their knowledge and developing innovative solutions around sustainability. We designed a logo and branded website to provide a platform for thought leadership and increasing membership in the program.
Website: Wordpress CMS

Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT)

EPAT is an innovative platform for buyers and suppliers of paper products to share supply
 chain data, facilitating discussions on sustainable paper procurement. We developed a scalable tool focused heavily on UX strategy (along with a front-facing site to effectively sell the tool), the goal being to increase its use and effectiveness for buyers and suppliers.
Website: Laravel
Assessment Tool: Laravel