• Global Press Institute Website
  • Global Press Journal Website
  • Global Press News Service Website
  • Intranet Development

Services Employed:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Platform
  • User Engagement
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Global Press exists to create a more just and informed world by employing local, female journalists to produce ethical, accurate news coverage from the world’s least-covered places. We partnered with Global Press to build websites for their three branches, the Institute, the Journal, and the News Service. We are also developing an intranet for publication workflow management, global collaboration, and internal organization.


Global Press Institute Website

The Institute website is primarily a marketing platform for non-profit. We updated the look and feel, making sure the GPI story was accurately portrayed. A major goal of the site, aside from elevating the brand, was to attract applicants to join the Global Press team.
Website: Wordpress

Global Press Journal Website

The Journal displays all of the articles created by the Journalists trained by the Institute. In order to compete in the highly competitive world of digitally based journalism, GPJ needed a modern, elegant solution for their online journal.
Website: Wordpress

Global Press News Service Website

The News Service is the syndication division of Global Press. GPNS offers syndication opportunities to media, corporate, and education clients, selling the Journal's assets as packages or a la carte. The files are packaged on the Journal side and automatically sent over and synced with the News Service to offer downloadable .zip files or RSS feeds to customers.
Website: Wordpress, WooCommerce, API integration with the Journal

Intranet Development

With journalists stationed around the globe, Global Press leadership needed a tool to help increase transparancey and collaboration throughout their editorial workflow. We are in the process of building the Intranet, which will handle editorial workflows, internal news and events, resources for HR and research purposes, an editorial and company-wide calendar, internal chat, and employee profiles.
Intranet: Laravel