• Show Vibrancy in the Arts
  • Create Visual Impact
  • Be a Resource
  • Integrate Local Events Calendar

Services Employed:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Platform
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UVA Arts came to Vibethink with an out-dated site that had no CMS, making it a bear to maintain. They wanted an easy-to-update site that captured the brand of the Arts. The Arts at UVA has made huge strides in the last few years and it was experiencing a renaissance of vibrancy and engagement. They needed their new site to both reflect that new position but also to further engage their student population, faculty, and the Arts community at large. The site needed to function as a tool that could be used as a resource for access to opportunities, as well as a source of news for everything Arts-related.


Show Vibrancy in the Arts

From news stories about award-winning faculty, to stories of student art shows, to commentary on renowned artists exhibiting at UVA, we wanted to show the goings-on at UVA in an engaging and robust media format.

Create Visual Impact

As a forward-thinking organization with big dreams, UVA Arts needed a website that reflected that identity. We wanted to make a site that put a flag in the ground for UVA Arts. A site that was beautiful, functional, and pushed the envelope of academic sites.

Be a Resource

With increasing investment in the Arts, there are many opportunities available to students and faculty, both monetary and experiential opportunities. We wanted the site to act as a tool to connect students and faculty to those opportunities.

Integrate Local Events Calendar

UVA Arts needed a way to engage students, faculty, and students in events, as well as compile events submitted by others in the Arts community. Vibethink integrated Scenethink, a local events calendar, into the website to elegantly serve up all of the relevant events.