• Build a blazing fast site
  • Find qualified hires
  • Articulate who Rho Ai is and what their vision is

Services Employed:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Platform
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When Rho Ai, previously Pit Rho came to VBTK to discuss a new website, they were transitioning from a siloed vertical to a multi-industry focus after nearly reaching the ceiling in their current market. The most immediate goals of the new site included increasing the website’s efficiency, better establishing the Rho Ai brand, and positioning the company as a forward thinking, technology leader specifically with regard to hiring.

Rho Ai is a company that partners with organizations to identify, understand, and maximize the value of their unique data. They use the power of computer science, statistics, and machine learning to improve business outcomes.

The effective architecture of Rho Ai’s website required focusing the company’s core story and values and articulating those big picture concepts through an informational website. The site also had to incorporate a delicate balance of clarity about the company/goals while keeping information high level – enough to keep certain aspects of the technology confidential. This was especially pertinent in the case studies, where we wanted to leverage past and current client work, but couldn’t reveal actual logos or client names. 


Build a blazing fast site

If a team of high powered developers is going to have a site, it has got to be as badass as they are. We built the Rho Ai site to be intuitive, lightweight, and as fast as we could possibly make it - it's hosted on an S3 server without a CMS to keep loading times down.

Find qualified hires

Rho Ai was founded on the motto "fun, cool, and with good people." The team is a highly collaborative, agile one that is always looking for new, qualified talent. The website needed to emulate the excitement and drive of the core team and articulate the types of projects new team members can look forward to working on, attracting the right [best] developers to apply.

Articulate who Rho Ai is and what their vision is

The data that Rho Ai works with is fundamental to their clients' businesses, but most clients don't even know what their data is capable of. VBTK's job was to build a platform that would help tell the story of Rho Ai so that their potential clients could quickly understand the benefits of partnering with Rho Ai.