• Increase Occupancy at the Inn
  • Promote Greyfield's workshops
  • Break the mold
  • Celebrate their 50th anniversary

Services Employed:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Platform
  • SEO
  • Storytelling Campaign
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Greyfield Inn is a historic retreat on Cumberland Island, off the coast of Georgia, originally built by Thomas and Lucy Carnegie in 1900. The Inn’s private setting boasts 200-acres of unspoiled land spanning marshland on the west and ocean to the east. However, the Inn’s old website did little to portray any of the experience for interested guests. Many guests were even in total shock when they got to the Inn for their first visit because the site didn’t clearly and quickly portray what they should expect.

Vibethink designed a site that would use big, beautiful imagery to help quickly set expectations for future guests, combined with short bits of content to provide context. We wanted to make sure the site explained the difference Greyfield has – guests set off for adventure each day. Their time can be spent birding, swimming, biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, observing the island’s wild horses, and strolling along the immaculate white sand beach. Experience is everything with Greyfield… the website needed to show that immediately, then back up that excitement with a quick booking process and necessary details to plan out a trip.


Increase Occupancy at the Inn

The major goal for Greyfield was increasing occupancy, specifically increasing the number of new visitors, off-season patrons, and "quick getaway" local trips. We built in online booking to help visitors solidify their trip after viewing the enticing photography and details of the island resort.

Promote Greyfield's workshops

The Inn offers some awesome, hands-on workshops throughout the year. The new site needed to promote these workshops and help to increase occupancy by drawing in an audience excited about a workshop opportunity.

Break the mold

Greyfield isn't your typical old-school, southern Inn. With a gorgeous, historic property, tons of excursions and activities available, maintained gardens, and natural island wildlife roaming the beaches, the Inn provides a perfect mix of vacation luxury and laid-back island comfort. We used big, beautiful imagery to help sell the story of Greyfield.

Celebrate their 50th anniversary

When we designed the site, Greyfield was celebrating 50 years of being open to the public. They have a strong history and work tirelessly to preserve the traditional look and feel of the Inn and natural beauty of the island.