• Set the Circa standard
  • Communicate an ever-changing inventory
  • Clarify the Circa brand & services
  • Streamline with a quick approval form

Services Employed:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Platform
  • User Engagement
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Circa is a true gem of Charlottesville, Virginia; a sprawling, beloved, local furniture store carrying antiques, vintage decor, and one-of-a-kind treasures. Circa leadership came to Vibethink seeking some updated designs that reflected the ethos of Charlottesville’s favorite spot for antique furniture, vintage finds and funky decor and help streamline some processes for the small, family-run staff. 



Set the Circa standard

The Circa team often gets questions about what items they'll buy and what they typically carry. It was important for the site to clearly articulate that standard to potential customers so that they were bringing in the most fitting pieces.

Communicate an ever-changing inventory

A huge issue Circa had with its old site was that customers would call in wondering if they could buy the items pictured on the static homepage. The new site needed to clarify that items on the site were typical of items in-store, but pieces sell so quickly it's impossible to keep up with a current inventory log.

Clarify the Circa brand & services

The new site needed to effectively communicate Circa’s brand and promote/clarify their services to ensure maximum conversion rates across all interaction goals: furniture sales, donations and drop-offs, and in-store traffic.

Streamline with a quick approval form

Circa both buys and sells used furniture in their store. For the furniture that they buy, they needed a way to streamline the process. We built in a form online for "quick approvals" where customers can upload imagery and descriptions of pieces they would like to sell and receive guidance (or perhaps a price quote) on their items before they lug them into the physical store.