Vibethink Top Hosting Recommendations: WP Engine

By: Dave Nicosia

March 7, 2017

VBTK uses and recommends only a few website hosting companies for our clients. Quality, Speed, & Support are among our top considerations when helping you choose a hosting company for your new website.

Today we are going to cover our top hosting recommendation for websites built on the WordPress content management system.

WP Engine

As WordPress has become more and more popular for building business websites, companies have emerged that specialize in web hosting servers specifically for WordPress websites. WP Engine is our top pick of these specialized hosting companies for many reasons.

Top WP Engine Features

Ease of Use

WP Engine has a very user friendly interface: parts of the site are intuitively placed, with helpful graphs and charts embedded within the page that give you a good overview of your site’s information.

One-Click Backup & Restore

When using WP Engine, you have the option to instigate backups yourself before making large changes to the site whether that be from a code side or from the content side. All it takes is one button and you have your backup started.

Auto Daily Backups

WP Engine also backs up your entire database every day. If something happens, less of your work is lost. They also backup before automatic WordPress updates in case it is incompatible with some part of your site. They keep over forty backups, ensuring minimal loss of work in case of problems.

Excellent Support

One of WP Engine’s most well known features is their 24/7, highly knowledgeable technical support. They have helpful technicians on call constantly that are willing to answer any question you may ask.

Staging Websites

When you are thinking about making changes to your site, it’s extremely helpful to have easy access to a staging site: a site that is an exact clone of your website but isn’t visible to search engines. This means that when you want changes, they can be tested on a version of your site that users don’t see.

Easy SSL Integration

With WP Engine, it’s easy to integrate secure browsing using one-click SSL Certificates. These allow visitors to safely browse your site on an https connection.

Secure File Transfers

WP Engine provides SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol, which means that your files are encrypted and safe when you’re transferring them onto your hosting platform.

In conclusion, we recommend WP Engine for any business running a small to medium sized website built on the WordPress platform. It will provide the most quality, security, and speed for your money.

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