Press Release | Vibethink Corporation Names New President

By: Dave Nicosia

August 23, 2016

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (AUGUST 22, 2016) – Vibethink Corporation (VBTK) announced today changes to its management structure to support its strategic growth plan. Vibethink CEO, Kurt Wassenaar announced that Vibethink President Ryan DeRose would be stepping down to pursue new ventures. “Ryan has been a true visionary in the founding of Vibethink and leading it to our present exciting rate of growth and strategic focus.”

Wassenaar was pleased to announce the appointment of Emma Palmerton as VBTK’s new President in addition to her current role as Project Manager. “Emma is an outstanding leader and has done a terrific job of driving our growth strategy, excellence in customer support, and the creative direction for our work. We are enthusiastic and fortunate to have her energy, skills, and experience in leading Vibethink in our next stages of growth.”

Palmerton added, “For the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients and coworkers. I’ve also worked closely with Vibethink founder and outgoing president, Ryan DeRose, to collaborate on and craft our process and the unique solutions we provide at Vibethink. We are committed to our strategic process and quality, and I am thrilled to lead the company towards new heights and future success.”

Although DeRose is leaving the company to dedicate himself full-time to product development with projects like Scenethink, his involvement with strategic education projects (along with other educational and conference experience for all VBTK team members) is at the forefront of Vibethink’s growth strategy.

Palmerton joined the Vibethink team from NovoNail Enterprises, a medical start-up also headquartered in Charlottesville, where she served as Marketing Director and COO. During her 3+ years there, she successfully restructured the business model, developing a long-term vision and strategic plan supporting ongoing, profitable growth and viability, including nation-wide franchising and tablet application development. Her innovative marketing ideas and ways to grow revenue and increase margins decreased overhead costs by 32% and increased net income by 113% in her first two years alone.

Under Palmerton’s leadership, Vibethink will continue to partner with organizations by employing an agile, integrated approach to discovery, design, and product development processes in order to achieve clearly-articulated business goals. Time and time again, this mentality of collaborative design-based approach has resulted in digital platforms and products that not only create immense value for clients, stakeholders, and audiences, but also evolve organically in a rapidly-changing world. Vibethink is not a website design firm that builds monuments to the very recent past; they are digital problem-solvers who empower intelligent leadership teams to navigate the future. For more information, visit

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About Vibethink: Founded in 2012, the creative agency specializes in digital platforms and products, business strategy, and content-based advertising. Vibethink is the only full-service creative agency in Charlottesville designed from the ground up to solve the problems presented by the modern digital age. The company’s team of designers, developers, and strategists works together to find elegant solutions to the unique and complex issues presented by media and platform convergence, user-centered content markets, and constantly evolving search ecosystems. Vibethink has employed a strategically focused mentality allowing us to successfully work with clients of the highest tier, executing design, development, and storytelling projects for organizations like Global Press Institute, Willow Tree Apps, SNL Financial, Semester At Sea, Stanford University’s School of Engineering, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and several programs at The University of Virginia. For more information, visit